My Sunroom Needed Heating and AC

When I first moved into this old house, I was cheerful about the sunroom.

I fell in prefer with the sunroom when I first saw the videos of the place online and it was really the reason I chose to put an offer in on the house. Before closing finalized on the house, I had dreamt about this glorious sunroom and how I was going to utilize it all year around. Upon moving in, my preference for using the sunroom lasted a few weeks. However, the Summer heat was increasing each afternoon and the afternoon light added extra warmth to the section naturally. Even with a portable fan running, the sunroom got too uncomfortable and I couldn’t use it. I felt certainly discouraged because I was looking forward to going in the sunroom often, however here I was not using it because it was too hot. It made myself and a few others worried to guess about how I definitely wouldn’t get to use the sunroom during the Winter months either, because there was no heat to keep it warm. This is when I decided to install a new ductless mini split system! It was the easiest and most energy efficient way to heat or cool the sunroom without having to connect my ductwork to the space. The ductless mini split method can be turned on when I was using the section and it could be turned off when I wasn’t around. Once I had purchased the ductless mini split system, I called a Heating and Air Conditioning company and hired an Heating and Air Conditioning tech to come install it for me. I wanted to make sure it was officially installed before turning it on.


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