My wife has been saying that we need energy saving tips

When I kept complaining to my wife about the costly energy bills, she always said that it wouldn’t hurt to find some energy saving tips.

I didn’t feel like I needed tips on saving energy, I felt like I just needed to do better at sticking to a strict budget.

Still, no matter how much I tried to save money, the energy bills were killing me. Finally, I agreed with my wife that some energy saving help might be good for us. First we looked online to see what energy saving tips we could find, and we found a wealth of free information. The first thing we looked at was acquiring a smart thermostat. Here we had been using this old dial thermostat and my wife and I could agree that it was time for an upgrade. I remember asking her if it seemed foolish to spend more money when we were trying to save money, but it was clear that a smart thermostat would save us around 15% or so on the energy bills. So we were able to find a smart thermostat on sale at the local hardware store. I actually was able to install the new thermostat myself and it wasn’t all that challenging. I basically followed a simple tutorial that was provided by the manufacturer. After using the thermostat for a little while, we experienced a huge decrease in the energy bills. After doing the math, it was indeed around 15% which was awesome! I couldn’t wait to find other energy saving tips, and we did. We started using blockout curtains to prevent the sunshine heating from occuring in our home, and I have been cooking outside a lot more in the summer months. We are also considering upgrading all our light bulbs to LED.

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