My wife should have told me smart thermostats save you on the energy bills

It was funny the last time when our dial thermostat quit working.

My wife seemed excited about it and asked if we could get a smart thermostat.

I wasn’t ready to give up on that old dial thermostat though, so I worked on it. I ended up watching a tutorial on how to fix thermostats like that, and I was able to get it working again. It worked for about a year, and I even tried fixing it again, but this time it was really done for. Finally, I agreed to go with my wife to look at the thermostats they had for sale at the hardware store. We found a lot of fancy looking thermostats and I kept telling my wife we didn’t need anything fancy. I actually found another dial thermostat that looked perfect and the price was as cheap as ever. Then my wife ended up finding a smart thermostat that looked something like a dial thermostat, but it had an LED screen. This thermostat was on sale. The cost I thought was still way up there, but it was way cheaper than all the other smart thermostats. I read the box of the smart thermostat to try to understand why my wife wanted this thing so much. When I saw that it would save up to 15% on the energy bills, I was already sold. I wished she would have told me that a long time ago when I first fixed the dial thermostat. I would have made the investment way back then if I knew we could save so much money on the energy bills.


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