Neighbor helps me save on heating costs

I’m lucky I landed in a spot with such kind people.

Otherwise, I think this winter might have been worse than the last one. This was my second winter up here and I have to say, it was better. But after the first year with the gas furnace running all the time and the shocking cold, I was dreading this winter. I guess when I chose to take this job, I didn’t factor in the climate difference as much as I should have. Actually, I was more concerned about finding the stuff a southerner eats more than the winter. I figured that I’d deal with a couple of months of cold and then enjoy a summer that required much less cooling. That’s not at all how it turned out. Instead, I found myself utterly stunned by the depth of the cold and how long it lasted. The winter up here is relentless and I almost bailed out for the heat pumps in my home region. But I made it to spring, got my feet firmly planted in my new job and fell in love with the people here. I’m just so fond of my new community. And one of my neighbors helped me winterize the house this past fall. I knew nothing about all that and this kind person showed me the ropes when it came to sealing up the house. Not only was I way warmer inside my cozy house this winter but the heating costs have been slashed significantly. With new storm doors, weather stripping, added insulation and sealing gaps on the exterior, my house was sealed up tight. I’m sure thankful I didn’t give up and go back to the south because I may just get this winter thing figured out.

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