Never again will I hire them

There are some things that you don’t want to go cheap with.

  • Some things are evident, like you evidently wouldn’t go to a dentist who was giving away coupons, however there are other things that are less evident.

When it comes down to most things, I try to look for a wonderful deal in everything. The same is the case with our heating plus cooling devices. So when I needed to get a whole new cooling component installed, I looked up local HVAC businesses. I was unhappy with advertised prices plus estimates they gave myself and others for HVAC installation. So, I instead decided to look online if I could find someone else with HVAC knowledge that can easily offer a wonderful price for a/c installation. Thankfully, it didn’t take myself and others forever to find someone. There was a guy who provided all kinds of repair plus work plus his professional credentials seemed trustworthy. However, when he arrived as he looked up and down at our cooling unit, he looked a bit confused. This should have been our first warning. I let him do what he needed to do, plus he left soon after. When he left, I just tried to turn on our cooling component, plus couldn’t get it started again, plus when I contacted the guy, he never responded. So I clearly ended up wasting our money for nothing. I had to call a professional HVAC worker to repair it, and then he told myself and others it was installed wrong plus was a fire hazard. Never again will I ever hire a heating plus cooling specialist who isn’t certified.



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