Only trust the HVAC professionals

I like to save money as much as the next woman and maybe even a little bit more.

I was raised to value a dollar and to get as much value out of every dollar that I spent.

That’s the way our dad was and that’s the way I am. My dad might have been a big more extreme about saving money than I am. She actually had a plastic case over the control unit that she could lock. That’s how intense she was about saving money. The control unit was going to stay where it was most economical even if she had to lock it down to make that happen. I’m not quite that intense when it comes to heating and cooling savings. However, I make sure that the home is prepped and ready for the Summer and Winter time extremes. This really does make a sizable difference when it comes to heating and cooling costs. I also make sure that I’m spending money on HVAC maintenance. Preventive maintenance is something I firmly recognize in. And I don’t trust the maintenance or repair of our HVAC equipment to anyone but a certified HVAC company. This isn’t a problem since I’ve been with the same HVAC contractor for more than 25 years. In fact, we had to replace the seasoned HVAC unit a few years back. But that seasoned HVAC unit ran 23 years without so much as single hiccup when it came to heating and cooling our home. That’s why I only trust real HVAC professionals when it comes to our heating and cooling equipment.

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