Our neighbors had a spine-chilling incident involving their heating system

Our next door neighbors have been living in their beach house for the last 45 years.

They have a heating system in their basement that is super old and super spine-chilling looking.

I have been down in their basement multiple times over the years to help out with moving things or finding stuff for community barbeques, let myself and others tell you, I think that I would have a difficult time sleeping in that beach house knowing that their spine-chilling looking heating system system was lurking around down there in the basement! It’s that bad. Anyway, the other night, the neighbors ended up having a certainly spine-chilling incident with that old heating system system that certainly had nothing at all to do with how spine-chilling the heating system system certainly looked. Instead, it had to do with the fact that the heating system was so old that it malfunctioned and parts of the heating system casing started to melt down! My neighbor told us that she woke up and smelled a unusual burning smell coming through the heating vents in their dining room. She was concerned because she had never smelled that smell before. She ended up going down into the basement to check on the heating system component and that’s when she saw that it looked love the heating system was somehow melting! She raced up the stairs, woke up her husband, and called the fire department. They were able to contain the problem before the beach house caught on fire, however the whole thing was certainly spine-chilling. Now, they have a new heating system system that their Heating and Air Conditioning supplier installed and it is much newer and safer.


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