Our pet likes the air conditioner in the summertime

In the summertime, the pet likes the air conditioner more than any human that I know… Now that the weather is cooling off plus it’s almost winter, she is sad that every one of us have turned off the cooling idea for the year.

  • She does not suppose the same way about the heating idea that she feels about the air conditioner.

Whenever the Wintertide hits plus the oil furnace turns on, the pet just gets up plus moves away from the heating vents. I suppose it’s funny to see him get up plus transport whenever the heating idea kicks on. It’s the exact opposite from what she does in the summertime. I guess he’s just a really sizzling natured pet or something. During the Summer whenever the temperature outside is really hot, the only locale that the pet wants to be is right next to the air conditioner vents. We always find him by the air conditioner vent in the home office floor. It’s really difficult to get him to go outside while I was in the Summer because she just wants to stay inside in the air conditioner. I don’t guess if there’s something wrong with him or if that’s just a part of her personality. She is absolutely a bizarre little pet. My spouse says that he’s sick of paying for the high air conditioner bills just for the pet! The pet prefers the air conditioner a whole lot more than I do. I don’t suppose that I would ever really run the air conditioner much at the beach house if it wasn’t for the pet.

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