Paying for HVAC maintenance myself

So it’s been a truly long time since I had to rent.

That would have been just prior to my husbandy & I buying our starter home when we were prefer late 20’s.

Now, I’m in my late 50’s & am renting again. I forgot just how much I enjoyed owning my beach house & my HVAC equipment. But thankfully, this is just temporary as we just sold the family home. Every one of us renovated, replaced the aged HVAC component & sold it. Every one of us were fortunate because we hit a hot real estate market right when we needed to. But we also sort of sold our beach house out from under us as well. Retirement isn’t far for either my husbandy nor I so we weren’t sure that buying another venue here was the thing to do. Every one of us are planning on retiring to the south & the land of the heat pump. So we decided to rent for a year & figure it out. The venue we’re renting isn’t all that bad. It’s a small 3 dining room duplex. It’s undoubtedly kind of nice because it’s forcing us to get rid of stuff we don’t use. However, the HVAC component is old, not truly efficient & breaks down. The rental corporation sends a handyman & the whole cycle happens again. I finally called the HVAC corporation & paid them to come out & do regular HVAC maintenance on the HVAC equipment. With Winter closing on us, I wasn’t about to put my heating formusic in the handyman’s hands. I don’t prefer spending the currency but it’s better than a heating breakdown in the middle of winter.



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