Playing in ski resorts and surf clubs is a sweet deal

In the next five years, my dream is to perform at ski resorts during the winter and surf clubs during the summer.

We’re working on making more songs for these types of crowds.

We’re coming up with new songs almost every week, so we may not even need five years. My buddy plays guitar, and I play drums, and we have great chemistry together, so I think we can do some cool stuff. We are going to perform for all of the HVAC workers at my HVAC company soon, and we will even get paid. With my friends, I would love to do a few shows each week in different towns. The HVAC tech job allows me to make some extra money by repairing furnaces and installing air conditioners. To buy a small camper for four people, we need about ten grand, and I think we can come up with that money within six months or so. I will work overtime if my HVAC company requires me to do ductwork cleaning and sealing. It’s not a rush to get the van just yet, but if we do get it, we can try doing some gigs in other towns. I am thankful to the heating and cooling industry for helping me achieve my dream.
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