Pluses and minuses of radiant heated floors

My house is all red carpet.

I am not a substantial fan of carpets. I feel they regularly look dirty & make the arena seem dingy and dull. I want tile so that I can have a self-explanatory work up & for it to look very pretty. Since I am ripping up all the floors in our home, it makes sense to add radiant heated flooring. I have looked into the process involved & it is not too bad. Now it will double the cost of our flooring project although I would be getting a comprehensive heating plan out of the deal. My central heating system is around 30 years old. I feel it will go any day now & it is smart to have a second backup heater. Once the central heating system dies, I could use the radiant heated floors & just purchase an air conditioning down the line. I looked into pluses & minuses of heated flooring & that is what really sold me. The pros are that this heating plan is totally silent & the hot air doesn’t rise to the ceiling to waste heat. Why does it do this? Radiant heat is electrically based. There is no heated air that is lighter & rising up at all. There is nothing blowing the air in or out of the system. With electric based mats, you have no hot & chilly zones either. Anything that is touching the mat feels hot as a result. When the heat is at your feet, you feel warmer & can lower the temperature to save significant money. The only downside I have found with this plan is that it adds a lot of height & weight to the floor. It is a concern. I don’t want to cause new cracks along the drywall, but I can alway maintain those later down the road.

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