Private Schools Down South Have no Furnace

I have a friend who is in charge of accreditation of the Catholic schools in our state. She is always traveling somewhere to make a site visit, and sometimes she gets to go really far south where it is so beautiful and surrounded by both oceans. Last time she went down there, she actually got there by boat! Isn’t that amazing! There is a boat taxi that goes from one of the ports and brings you all the way down there. She went in the winter, but even in the winter, it was warm. When she went into the school itself, she thought the heater was on. It was quite warm inside the school, and she actually asked someone if they could turn off the furnace, as the place seemed overheated. They just looked at her like she was from another planet, and informed her that they do not even have a furnace or any sort of artificial heating in the school. My friend was shocked and asked why it was so hot. It was so hot because they had decided not to turn on the a/c in January. Without the air conditioner, they could save quite a bit of money, but come March, they would need that cooling to be running full blast. I thought it was so funny that they aren’t required to have heating, but it turns out that no one that far south needs a furnace. It is not required by code, but air conditioning certainly is. She put in for them to get ceiling fans, and that way, when they didn’t want to run their air conditioning, they could turn on the fans and feel as if the cooling was running.
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