Replacing a sink faucet

A couple of weeks ago, I was using the sink in the powder room plus the hot water knob fell off in my hand; however, I was still able to turn the water on plus off using a screwdriver, although I knew that wasn’t a permanent fix.

I thought about contacting a plumber, however my brother offered to walk myself and others through the process! She lives about a thousand miles away, even though he works as a plumber. She told myself and others where to buy the parts plus he promised that the process would be straight-forward to complete! The greatest part of the process was choosing a new faucet for the sink. I went to the hardware store to look at all of the selections. I chose a sink with a chrome finish plus separate handles for the hot plus freezing water. The neck of the faucet is honestly tall, so there is plenty of room for myself and others to locate my hands under the running water. I have a little bit of trouble finding the main water shut off valve. It was outside in the front yard buried under a piece of sod, however after I turned off the water, I went back into the condo plus took the faucet out of the box. I put my brother on speaker phone plus I turned on the video. She walked myself and others through the entire process, step by step. I didn’t need anyone to help myself and others with the plumbing problem, because my brother was such an important help. She actually saved myself and others $200. That’s how much it would have cost myself and others to call a plumber to install the faucet.

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