Running hotter with pregnancy

Apparently with pregnancy your body’s temperature does increase.

I noticed it immediately.

I am someone who is always cold. When in doubt I turn on the heating system. It is technically late winter, early spring. I should want the heater to continue until the night and early morning. Since I have gotten pregnant, I am so hot. I am constantly trying to turn on the air conditioning. I am using my overhead fan in my bedroom for the first time. It is amazing how something so small is affecting my body that much. I am not even three months along and I am already sweating to death. What am I going to be like in 9 months? I will keep the news from my husband until it is a sure thing. Then I want to surprise him. The jig might be up already. He is very curious as to why my inner temperature is so different. It is really out of character for me to demand AC and the overhead fan. That is usually him at night. To say he is excited about more AC in the household is a vast understatement. He knows there is something internally going on with me. He at first thought I was sick and just running a fever. When I produced no sickness symptoms, he started digging around further. I just need to tide him over two more weeks and then I will tell him. I think the AC is going to do me in though. He is going to guess first.

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