She poured wet cement down the drains

I had a friend that went through a terrible divorce.

  • People tend to get really vicious when they are splitting up.

His ex wife really turned into a crazy witch. She knew the dicorce was coming. So one thing she did was charge up all the credit cards so that my friend had to pay half the debt in the divorce. Pretty bad right? What was worse was the house. She wanted the house but it looked like my buddy was going to get it in the end. This crazy woman totally wrecked the house. What she did was pour wet cement down all the drains. The kitchen and bathrooms all had wet cement poured down them. It then hardened and ruined the piping. You can’t run any water in there currently. My buddy had an emergency plumber come over to look at the job. The whole plumbing needs to be gutted. Every pipe needs to be ripped up and done again. The plumber even thinks that the septic system might be damaged as well. The sewer line looks pretty rough and he would want to drain the tank to take a further peak. It will cost my buddy thousands of dollars to fix this giant plumbing repair. That horrible woman knew totally what she was doing too. Forget slashing tires or stealing things from the house. Cementing down the drains is the most horrible thing I have ever heard in my life. My buddy is considering suing her over it. He is not sure he can win since they are technically still married at this point.



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