Small towns mean no online presence

I went from living in a small town in the north to one down south.

  • I love small towns.

It is safer, easier and nicer to live. I was able to get a big plot of land and a nice house for myself. I like that people are starting to know my name and I know theirs. I like that it isn’t as loud as it would be in a city. I don’t mind the lax choices with businesses. You get locally owned places that usually have a better product anyway. I have experienced trouble finding the local services though. Since we live in such a small area, most of the businesses don’t need a website. So that means new people like myself can’t find them. I had a very difficult time finding a seamstress because she had no online presence. I now need to get a HVAC worker to install a heater for me. I have asked around at the hardware store, bank and post office. Everyone tells me this guy Kyle is amazing. Apparently he is actually a licensed HVAC worker that used to work in the city. Now he lives here and just does HVAC installs when he can. Nobody had this guy’s number though. Apparently to get an appointment with Kyle you either go to his house or find him at one of the local restaurants. I have been trying to hunt this guy down with no luck. It seems weird to me that I need to go to my HVAC dealers house and bother him. I might need to though. I really want my heater installed.



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