The A/C store was having free HVAC tune ups

I am definitely the kind of person to jump on any kind of deals a business may be having.

So of course when the local HVAC business was having free heating and A/C tune ups, I jumped on that! The thing is, I don’t see heating and A/C professionals as often as they recommend.

I know they recommend your A/C equipment to be maintained twice a year, but I don’t usually do that. So this would be the first time I would see a HVAC tech in several years. I knew my air conditioner and heating system could definitely benefit from maintenance. So I called the HVAC dealer, and they told me it would be a two week waiting period. This was fine with me, because I am still getting it for free. Those two weeks came and went, and finally, the A/C tech arrived. The guy was pretty straight to the point, and didn’t seem to want to talk, which is also fine with me. He managed to complete the maintenance in under 15 minutes, and was on his way. I didn’t really notice anything different with the A/C device, but I know the maintenance had to help in one way or another. I am really hoping that the HVAC corporation eventually has a free HVAC repair special going on, I could really use that. But until then I will probably just deal with my HVAC system as I have it now. My heating and cooling device has been working just fine without maintenance for a long time, so it could probably go awhile without it again.



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