The ad campaign really helped the company rebound

I assume that a lot about heating & A/C work is simple for me.

I can take an A/C apart & put it back together with 1 hand & a blindfold.

I started this company when I was 23 years old. My wife Jen & I work hard to make this company a success. When the quarantine happened & covid to go over all of our lives, our corporation took a steep plunge & the two of us didn’t assume how to reclaim. Jen had a couple of ideas, however nothing seemed to help legitimately much. Jen tried advertising in the magazines online & the two of us didn’t have any luck. Jen consulted with a special marketing company that handles SEO & PPC ad campaigns, then sEO advertising is filling your website with words & phrases that attract new buyers & search engines, but pPC or spend money per click advertising is a new and odd type of advertising that is done online, then neither Jen nor myself knew anything about SEO or PPC advertising. We did understand that it would be able to assist our heating & A/C repair business. We paid the advertising company for several months of ads. The fees were a wee bit steep, however the two of us had a promise from the owner of the company that Jen could expect results or the two of us would get our money back. That really made Jen a bit more at ease about hiring the marketing company. After several weeks & a couple of huge changes to our site, the advertising started to work & calls were coming into the center all the time.



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