The allergist requested a whole-new air purifier for us

The allergist requested that my associate Bob and I get an whole-new home air purifier for our new home when Bob and I went there for an appointment last week. My buddy and I have been struggling with severe dust sensitivities for a while now plus I am truthfully just sick plus tired of dealing with it. I suppose my fiance Bob plus I have had a cough for the past several weeks plus I just cannot sit it any more. I did not think what else to do about it other than going to see a specialist, plus so that’s what Bob and I ended up doing. I fully expected to go in plus have a whole lot of testing done to see what Bob and I were going to have to do, however our allergist easily did not seem to think that that was the proper way to proceed at all. Honestly, he did not seem to think that Bob and I had any dust irritations at all based on our current symptoms. He said that instead of doing all of that testing, he advised that Bob and I go home plus call our local Heating and Air Conditioning contractor instead. He said that he thought that Bob and I needed to have a whole home air purification idea installed in the new home to operate at the same time as our Heating and Air Conditioning system. This was the first I had ever heard of doing something of this nature when it comes to dealing with dust sensitivity symptoms! I asked him what he thought Bob and I were going to find out, plus he said that he thought that our problems were something involving our ventilation idea at home. So that day when Bob and I got done at the appointment, I went home plus immediately booked an appointment with our heating plus cooling dealer.

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