The blower was running all day thanks to a broken limit switch

I have been teaching high college math for the past 25 years.

  • I started out teaching geography, although I quickly found a condo in the math department.

I have been at the same college district for the last 2 decades plus I have taught multiple children plus their children as well. I enjoy teaching high college math plus I have typically found the position to be seriously rewarding plus challenging. Some of the challenges that I face each day have nothing to do with teaching the children. For instance, the limit switch on the gas furnace was broken Last weekand the blower was running all day. The classroom was seriously boiling plus uncomfortable. I spoke with the custodial engineer about the gas furnace problem. She advised myself and others that the issue was a problem with the limit switch, although she had to wait for the modern area to be delivered. The kids plus I opened multiple windows in the classroom so the heat could leave the room. It was strenuous to focus on teaching plus math plus I had to reschedule a test. It took multiple nights for the custodial engineer to repair the gas furnace problem. I didn’t want the kids to get a bad grade because they were uncomfortable taking a test in those poor indoor air conditions. In the last 25 years, that is the first time I have ever encountered this type of problem plus I’m delighted that the custodial engineer did repair the problem a couple of nights later. It would be strenuous to spend all Winter time trying to teach when the gas furnace is running out of control.

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