The Department of Energy Said 78 Degrees Was The Perfect Temperature

I was dreading running my air conditioner with the warmer weather coming.

During the previous summer, my utility bills were really high and it was miserable.

I dreaded getting the monthly statement in the mail. I felt like I was working just to pay off my AC usage, which is no way to live. I was determined to make things different this summer. I have a month before I expect to turn on my air conditioner, but I started researching ways to save money during the summer months anyway. I wanted to be prepared. During my research, I found an interesting article from the Department of Energy and it stated that there was a perfect number for your thermostat in the summer. This intrigued me! The article said that 78 degrees was the perfect temperature when you were at home. I saw this number and I was shocked. 78 degrees was really high, especially in the summer. I normally set my thermostat to 70 degrees, so 78 degrees seemed really hot. The article suggested turning the temperature up one degree gradually so it wasn’t so drastic. I considered this suggestion, but I still thought I’d be too warm. I already knew I’d never be able to set my thermostat to 78 degrees during the summer, but I decided to try and raise the temperature higher than 70 degrees. I was bound to save a little money, just maybe not as much as if I’d set the thermostat to 78 degrees.


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