The guy backed up into my work truck

There are some neighborhoods in the city where there is absolutely no parking on the street.

I responded to an AC repair call last week in one of these neighborhoods.

I didn’t have anywhere to park my AC repair truck. I ended up almost two blocks away. I had to walk back to the work truck to grab some tools. While I was on my way back, I noticed a van backing up and he did not look like he was watching. The guy crushed the front of my AC repair truck. I expected the guy to stop and get out of the truck, but he continued to drive away. If I hadn’t been there when the accident occurred, I would not have been able to get the license plate number of the other driver. It’s times like these when I wish the neighborhood had a place for me to park the work truck. I called the police as soon as the accident occurred. I had to wait outside the truck for thirty minutes and the AC repair was delayed. The whole fiasco ruined my day and delayed every AC repair by three hours. I gave the police officer all of the information that I had and the five numbers that I saw on the license plate. My insurance company is going to handle everything with the damage to the work truck. I haven’t heard anything from the police detective yet, but he assured me that they will find the guy and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law.


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