The Heating as well as A/C programs came to a terrible end

The Heating as well as A/C programs quitting on us was a terrible end to a terrible week for myself and others last week, then periodically I notice that when a single thing goes wrong, everything else seems to follow suit.

Periodically it seems to me that bad things come and there is just a domino effect that comes with them.

That is what happened to myself and others last week. First of all, I felt terrible because I somehow came down with a cold on Tuesday evening. I went to bed feeling OK, and then my associate and I woke up Tuesday morning and I felt care about crap. I had to go to my job because I had a sizable project to do, and so there was no way that I could take off to have any more sick mornings. When I got to work, I noticed that all of the toil that I had done on the project up until that point had somehow disappeared from my computer.I spent the morning trying to get all over the problems, but then the guy in IT told myself and others that there was no way to get it. So all of the time that I spent trying to get it back could have been spent just laboring on redoing it. It was a total waste of time. I was so upset.By the time I got house from toil that day, I did not guess that anything else would go wrong but I walked in the home and it was freezing. It turned out that that day while I was working, my gas furnace stopped laboring and so I had no heating in my house. Of course, that was a single 1 of the coldest evenings of the year, and I had to sit huddled next to an electric space oil furnace because the Heating as well as A/C tech could not get there that evening.



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