The hotel had an A/C repairman on site

I was impressed, for once, by a hotel that actually had things together

Ugh, I have been through this many times before. It seems like this is becoming an all too common occurrence for me. I am talking about the hotel’s air conditioning not working. As a person who is constantly on the road traveling for business, this is a real issue I come across frequently. It doesn’t matter whether I stay at the cheap hotels, or the better ones. Eventually, they will start having heating and A/C problems sooner or later. It is incredibly frustrating, and even though I have called and vented to the managers of the hotels, nothing has been done, not even an apology. I arrived at the hotel I was supposed to stay for the night in, and I was able to check in smoothly. I was probably only in my room for 10 minutes, when ofcourse, I noticed that the cooling machine was working. I practically knew the drill by now, which is to go and complain to the front desk person, and then wait until they switch me to a new room. But this time was different. The lady actually told me to hold on and she will send the on site heating and air conditioning technician to repair the cooling unit. It only took about 10 minutes and the cooling specialist was already done, and the A/C was working again. I was impressed, for once, by a hotel that actually had things together. I loved the fact that they had a HVAC specialist on site, and I think all hotels should have that, in case of cooling issues. I will be staying at that hotel again.



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