The hotel staff didn’t warn us about the heater

A long time ago, it was really difficult to find a hotel when you were traveling.

There was no internet or cell phones, so you couldn’t search or call ahead.

You traveled along the highway and hoped to find a place with vacancy when it was time to stop and rest. I remember a time when my parents and my brothers and I traveled 1000 miles to go to Disney World. My brothers and I were really excited, but my parents dreaded the drive. It felt like it took days to get there, and my brothers and I slept half of the time. We stayed at a resort close to the theme park. My parents didn’t make reservations ahead of time, so we stayed at the first place with a vacancy. Unfortunately, the hotel staff didn’t warn us about the heater. It was winter time and the heater and the room did not work very well. When it did put out hot air, it made a terrible and horrible sound. My parents and my brothers and I stayed at that hotel for 5 days and we had to listen to the terrible sound of the heater every single night while we were trying to sleep. The hotel staff could have warned us about the heater or put us in a different room, but they didn’t have to do anything to make us happy when there were no negative reviews online to worry about. I’ll never forget that family vacation. It was one of the last times we went somewhere with my dad. He passed away when my brothers and I were still young.
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