The HVAC equipment warranty is very important

We have this drawer in the kitchen where all the warranties for stuff ends up.

It’s just that these warranties are for a hand mixer from 1993.

Not super helpful stuff. The real warranties are supposed to be kept with our files. Well, I ended up tearing apart both our files and every drawer in the kitchen and no HVAC warranty. This was a reaction to something I was terrified that I forgot. Of course, I was barely listening to the HVAC professional as he was giving up some final instructions after the HVAC unit was replaced. All I wanted to do was go upstairs and play with the new smart thermostat app on my phone. I’d been itching to do this for the entire day. And of course, I didn’t even glance at the warranty. So two months later, I have this flash on the HVAC contractor saying the new HVAC equipment warranty has to be registered within 60 days. I scramble online to check to see if this is right. It is and off I go tearing the house apart looking for all of the new HVAC unit information and warranty. Thing is, if I didn’t get the HVAC warranty registered, that warranty would then be void. Hence the freakout. My wife walks in after work to see me in full mental meltdown mode. I’m like hair on fire, wide eyed freak at that point. She just sits down calmly and opens her laptop. My wife invites me over to show me all the information I was desperately searching for. Oh and she did listen to the HVAC contract as well as read the warranty of the new equipment. The HVAC warranty was registered the day after the installation. And yes, that would be my wife once again.




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