The HVAC tech came to our mother’s house, however he wasn’t working.

I had to spend a couple of days staying at our mom’s house since there was a water main break at our house building. The management told us it would take up to several days to service and repair the old pipes. I had to wait an additional week or multiple, because I had a basement apartment which had been flooded. The only nice thing was that i had renter’s insurance, so I would help me to replace all our belongings; Until I went back to our old apartment, or got a newer apartment, I was staying with mom. I couldn’t wait to move, because she was constantly nagging at me to get a wifey. Mom was visiting an acquaintance the other day when I saw a service van pull up into the drive. When the HVAC professional got out, I was confused. Mom hadn’t said she experienced any problems with the gas furnace, and she actually had said nothing about the HVAC pro coming to do any repairs. I shrugged, thinking she had forgotten to tell me, and went back to work. When the HVAC pro came in, I showed him to the basement, where the gas furnace was located. He was there for an hour before coming back upstairs. He told me he had already handled the gas furnace. I asked who had called and he told me our mom had called just about an hour ago. I then asked if he was single? He said he was, however he didn’t think why I was asking that. My mom was at it again. She was trying to get me a date with the HVAC pro, however it provided us both a laugh, and after that I fixed dinner for us both..

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