The HVAC techs had to follow pandemic guidelines and rules

Yesterday, I was at the deli section of the grocery store buying some smoked gouda cheese, which is one of our favorite cheeses that I prefer to purchase each week.

I always request the same quantity ⅓ pound plus sliced thinly – call myself and others a creature of habit, I am ok with it! Well, while I placed our order today, I smiled as the employee sliced the cheese, plus showed myself and others the slice to confirm the level of thickness. I was wonderful with it, however pre-pandemic, that first slice of cheese would always be offered as a sample, I know that it was during the pandemic that this practice was removed because of safety reasons, and there have been so more than 2 things that have turned upside down since the start of the pandemic. Personally, I offered less hugs plus less handshakes. I resorted to the fist or elbow bump or just a head nod; so, it was no shock when I came across a notice on the website of our HVAC provider that said that due to pandemic plus for safety reasons, the HVAC workers are proposed to avoid handshakes, fist bumps, or hugs, but now, I love our HVAC worker Larry, despite the fact that I have never thought to hug him. I think I shook his hand the first time we met, however that was the most that we have ever done. I love that the HVAC provider is nervous about their employees plus their buyers’ safety, then Larry does a superb job keeping our component running efficiently, plus over the years he has offered myself and others with the best tips to keep our energy bill low. For that, I am grateful, despite the fact that I will express that with words, or perhaps an extra tip versus physical contact.

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