The lady at the front desk did not tell me about the fitness room

I evaluated into a hotel for 3 days so I could spend time with our mom and dad.

They were coming to visit and they were staying in the same hotel.

They couldn’t stay with our friends and I in our apartment, because it is regularly actually loud and rowdy. I knew it was going to labor out better if both of us spent time at the hotel while both of us were in the days that our parents came to visit. When I evaluated into the hotel, I told the lady at the front desk. I was looking forward to going to see their state-of-the-art Fitness Center. I labor out 7 days a week, but most of the time it is at the fitness center in our house building. It is not state-of-the-art and most of the machines are aged and broken. I was gleeful to see all of the exercise equipment. I went to the fitness center early the first morning, so I could exercise before our mom and dad arrived on the plane. I went downstairs in our workout shirt and shorts and walked through the lobby towards the fitness center. I grabbed the door and it was locked. That’s when I noticed the sign on the door. The fitness center was closed because they were remodeling the heating and There was damage to the A/C while both of us were in the last rain storm and both the weather and A/C were being replaced as safety precautions. The desk clerk failed to mention that when I evaluated into the room. The sign on the door was dated a week previously. I went right to the front desk and complained to the staff member.

a/c set up

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