The library needs a ton of updates

It’s very easy to see that no one uses the public library anymore.

When I was a kid, the public library was a wonderful place to visit.

It was filled with books, videos, magazines, and historical documents. When I was a kid, the library was always filled after school. Sometimes I sat in the building just doing my homework. The library was a few blocks away from the middle school and it was the perfect place to hang out with my friends when school was finished. As long as we were quiet, the librarian never complained or made us leave. That was almost 20 years ago, and the library has changed a great deal. I only recently had children and I decided to visit the library to look for some parenting books. I got a nostalgic feeling as soon as I walked into the door. Nothing at all has changed since I was a child and that includes the furniture and the librarian. Another thing that hasn’t changed at all is the heating and air conditioning system. The air vents in the ceiling looked as old as the books in the historical section. The air vents were covered with dirt and grime. The air conditioner was barely blowing any cold air at all. I could tell, because there was a long line of cobwebs from the air vent to the wall and it barely moved at all when the air conditioner was running. It makes me very sad to see the condition of the library and I wish the town will do something to restore the building and its contents.
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