The locker room needs new ducts

I coach girl’s basketball at a local high school in dense, rural, and swampy weather conditions, which means that a lot of things end up with mold pretty often, and one of those things that ended up with mold, was MY locker room.

  • I was furious when I found out, and chalked it up to teenage girls being teenage girls and not looking after the place, which angered me.

I created a punishment practice and put them through their paces for a minute and a half of conditioning. I felt slightly guilty when the janitor and an HVAC specialist approved me saying that the locker room’s air circulation was off due to old air ducts, and it was preventing the humidity from escaping, however the HVAC specialist explained that she will need to replace all of the ducts in the building to ensure it would begin circulating. She also said she needed to maintain the furnace in the basement while she was here. She found the mold in the carpet, and showed us how she had installed heating and cooling specific ventilation at floor level to ensure that something like this would never happen again. She even showed the girls how she installed control units in not only that room, but also the gym, and my office, which I was happy about. I waited until later that day to test out the cooling system in my office, it was amazing. I am so grateful that we were able to get these things fixed, as the mold was also creating a terrible odor that seemed to linger around the ild HVAC ducts and vents.
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