The Old House Got Sealed Too Well

When Cal and I bought our older home, he decided to seal as much of it as the two of us could in order to keep our Heating and Air Conditioning treated air inside.

Cal didn’t have the funds to substitute the older windows and doors instantaneously, so sealing all the cracks was a far more affordable option for us to try. Cal decided to invest his extra time on the weekend to seal everything off and Cal did his own research on how to effectively do it. When Cal was done, I noticed that he used a ton of supplies, although I didn’t question Cal’s technique since I wasn’t the one who researched the correct way to do it. A few afternoons later, I felt the air quality in our house decreasing. The air was stuffy and our entire family was sick. Despite my spouse’s reluctance, Cal hired an Heating and Air Conditioning professional to come look at our oil furnace. Cal had assumed that something was malfunctioning and causing the air to think so different. This Heating and Air Conditioning professional noticed the DIY sealing that my spouse did all over the older doors and windows and he began questioning him about it. According to the Heating and Air Conditioning professional, Cal had over-sealed the house! I didn’t even think this was possible! The house was now so tightly sealed that the air was stagnant inside and airborne illnesses were floating around in here with nowhere to go. The Heating and Air Conditioning professional suggested Cal run a media air cleaner to help transfer and purify the air for the meantime. He was adamant that Cal hire a Heating and Air Conditioning professional next year to seal our house though, because they would know exactly how much was needed to seal however still leave comfort.

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