The perfect environment for writing

I am a freelance writer, and call me spoiled, but I have found that I simply cannot work as effectively and efficiently and with the same level of creativity if my environment is not completely comfortable.

I need the temperature to be exactly 72 degrees and the humidity to be just right.

I also need to be able to block out the noise around me with noise canceling earphones. Music is too distracting for me to be able to focus on writing, so I prefer finding a video with ambient background noise. I choose different sounds depending on my mood. I’d like to get out of the house and work in other areas, but they never seem to have the temperature or the ambience just right for me to be able to focus. Coffee shops are typically too noisy and crowded. They’re also either too cold or too warm. The one place that I found to be a good alternative to home when it comes to writing is the library. The temperature and humidity level is almost as good as at home, and it is sufficiently quiet but not too quiet, because I don’t like complete silence. I don’t think I could ever get used to working in an office where I have no control of how the environment feels. I would be far less productive, that’s for sure! I certainly don’t take it for granted that I’m able to work anywhere I want. As long as I’m in control of the thermostat or I have the ability to choose where to write, I will have peak creativity and productivity!


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