The portable HVACs came in handy last summer

Grandma was coming over to visit last summer and planned to stay for some time. We’d intended to go visit her, but dad and mom couldn’t get out of work. Instead, grandma opted to come down and enjoy some sunshine at the coast. My sister and I drove to the airport to pick her up then went to grab some ice cream after. Grandma was one of the coolest people I knew, and she insisted we go to the mall first before heading home. Let’s just say we got so much more than ice cream. She took my sister and I shopping and I finally got to get this summer dress I’d been eyeing for quite some time. As we were winding down, mom joined us, and we all drove home together. We found dad in the kitchen working on his favorite steaks to pop on the grill. Grandma was so happy to see all of us and gave mom and dad a few things she’d brought for them. We ate dinner, watched a movie then went to bed. I woke up at night because the room was so hot. I thought something was wrong with the air vent in my room and went to sleep with my sister. We bumped into each other as she was leaving the bathroom covered in sweat. It seemed the AC unit had stopped working, and the whole house was like a furnace in June. Mom and dad woke up and went to check the air conditioner. There was little to do at that hour, so we got the portable HVAC units from the garage and placed each in a room for the rest of the night.



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