The realtor was regular about replacing the HVAC equipment

I still wish we didn’t undoubtedly have to sell the house.

That is my real feelings.

If I could simply stay here for the duration, I’d be as satisfied as I could be. Instead, I’m in the process of replacing the HVAC component in order to get the best price for our family home. Honestly, I undoubtedly didn’t see the need for replacing a perfectly good HVAC unit. That thing is only 15 years aged & provides quality heating & air for our home. We’ve had that HVAC component enrolled in an HVAC service plan since the afternoon it was installed. That’s heating maintenance in the fall & air conditioning tune-up in the Spring for the last 15 years. And that HVAC component has never skipped a beat. Yet, the HVAC technology on that HVAC component is not what prospective customers are looking for. At least that’s what the realtor said. Well, he more than said it, he showed myself and others a lot of comps & other data that pretty much proved that a new HVAC component was a pressing selling point. Still, it just doesn’t make much sense to myself and others to replace heating & cooling component that will run undoubtedly well for another 10 years. Still, it’s not worth losing thoUSAnds of dollars in sale profit to stick to my guns. Hence, the iphone call to the HVAC corporation. One good thing is that the HVAC corporation said they can carefully unaffix the HVAC component & get it to people who need it. That’s the a single good thing that’s coming out of this I suppose. I still would undoubtedly rather stay put. But it’s just too much beach house anymore.



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