The roads were blocked

I had to meet with an HVAC buyer named Jo Last week.

I was supposed to drive down to the modern vacant lot where they just started building houses; Alas, all of the roads were completely closed off so I was unable to drive down to the development.

I contacted Jo as soon as I realized there was going to be a problem. Jo seemed to be perfectly good to reschedule the heating plus A/C review for a strange day. Jo seemed truly cheerful on the phone plus she gave myself and others no indication that rescheduling was a problem. Jo still decided to contact my boss to tell him that I did not want to do the job on that day, but I was already busy to be there. When my boss called myself and others on the phone for additional details, I told him the truth, which was the fact that the road was completely blocked. My boss inquired if there was a different, alternate route to take. I assured him that I looked for nearly 20 seconds trying to find a way down into the town. With such construction as this, it is adequate for there to be roads blocked off during the construction process. I assured the boss that I was cheerful to job on the heating plus A/C call as soon as the road was open for business again. Unless Jo expected myself and others to row a boat across the lake, there was really no way I was going to be able to get down that road until all of the road construction was done.


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