The rooftop AC units are harder to fix

There are a lot of things about the southwest that are different from other places in the country. It’s always very dry here and the temperatures are often warm. It is also extremely windy. There are no trees, hills, or mountains to break up the wind and sometimes the gusts can be extremely quick. A lot of the people around this area have solar power. Solar makes up for 40% of the energy harvested in this area. After that, we have a ton of wind energy. The wind gusts create a constant flow of natural energy that can be used for a variety of different reasons. The solar panels are on the roof. Most companies position the panels facing toward the best part of the sunny day. The AC unit is on the roof as well and that makes repairs a lot more difficult. As a technician and owner in the HVAC industry, I can say that rooftop AC units are one of the hardest and most dangerous pieces of equipment. One of the biggest problems is the location. It can be difficult to see when the sun is shining brightly. We often have calls for rooftop AC unit repairs during the summer when the sun is at its peak. A couple of my guys have been injured because they lose track of their spot on the roof and become unbalanced. A fall can lead to serious injury or death and I am thankful that I have never been hurt while working on a rooftop AC unit. I am equally thankful that all of my guys have great balance and no fear of heights.



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