The temperature control made me mad at my husband

The house’s climate control settings were the main cause of my resentment toward my husband.

When I wasn’t home or looking, he was definitely changing them, I was certain of it. Though he assured me he wasn’t. My associate and I got into a heated argument over it after I kept accusing him. He claimed that he was upset because I kept bothering him about it and that I was upset because I was constantly hot and someone was fiddling with the furnace and the temperature control whenever I wasn’t paying attention. Throughout the year, I prefer to keep the thermostat set at 66 degrees, and even in the dead of winter, I like to keep the furnace set at that temperature. If anyone is too cold, I tell them to just put on a sweater during the summer because I like to keep the house chilly chilly. Because I tend to get overheated easily and because it’s my house, I believe that I should be able to keep the temperature control settings exactly as I like them. Nevertheless, my associate and I got into a fight over it, and we eventually realized that the temperature control’s battery was low. The temperature control was not operating according to its proper schedule because the battery was low. My associate and I had the digital programmable temperature control set just the way we wanted it, so we were perplexed as to why it kept changing. However, after realizing that the change was caused by a low battery, we were no longer enraged with one another.
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