The temporary setup that works

Dan’s mom was supportive of her son’s initiative.

The long time spent from college due to the nasty pandemic had been beneficial.

After afternoons of doing nothing, he had the brilliant idea to go out and start a small business. Dan was nice with social media plus grew within a few months. He could no longer fit in his room, so he took up the back shed as a temporary factory. Apart from getting a few new machines to help his business, Dan got a portable gas furnace. It was winter, plus he couldn’t spend all day in the shed without a usual gas furnace. Dan’s mom also encouraged him to get an AC unit that would help him while in the summer. The whole area would get too hot, plus he needed adequate A/C. After debating a few options, Dan settled on buying a top-quality portable air conditioner. It would job as a heating plus cooling system for the whole entire shed no matter the season. Dan maintained the odd benefits of portable ACs plus knew he’d made the right choice. The larger portable HVAC system took up less space in the shed plus was self-explanatory to transfer from one spot to another spot. Not only that, it worked as a dehumidifier which meant he could do his job comfortably while in the summer time plus Winter time months. Additionally, the nice little portable aircon was an energy-efficient model plus didn’t require an annual service to keep it operational. All he had to do is find an AC mechanic who would fix it if it ever suddenly broke. The reduction of AC service costs was another benefit for Dan’s growing business.

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