The trip didn’t happen

Sometimes, your day might start out pretty good, however then at the end of the day, it all might go wrong… I’ve had mornings like that, so many times.

This was no exception, but last Thursday, I went to work as usual, plus managed to get most of our documents plus a project done early! So it was a wonderful day, and when I got myself back home, I was even more surprised when our bestie presented a gift to me, and he rapidly presented the last few checks he had not deposited from his job, plus said all of us can finally go on our dream trip… Riding horses on the beach on a nearby charming island with crystal clear waters, everything was falling in the arena.

I went to bed super early that evening in anticipation of leaving for trip soon. I then called our boss plus he even agreed to let myself and others have time off on the mornings of the trip. Everything was going so perfect, that is until I woke up a few hours later. I woke up around 10 pm, plus I was surprised to guess the condo was ice cold, which must have been what stirred myself and others up, then as I went to check on the gas furnace, our bestie told myself and others that the heating system was broken! The money that was originally intended for our dream trip… well… it instead went to paying for a new gas furnace installation; My day off was used for the unexpected HVAC appointment. I was crushed, I knew our bestie had worked hard to save up all that extra money, plus since all of us both don’t make much money, it was going to be a long time again before all of us could try for a trip. All because the HVAC proposal had to go and mess up.

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