The vent cover would not close

Everyone of us saw a lot of dog fur that wasn’t a heating vent the other day when the both of us went to see and visit a friend.

All of us had to work late that day and Adrian had to work at the office. Adrian has a dog at the house as well as he was not going to be able to get over there to let the thing out in the afternoon before it’s regular walk. Since I was done at 4:00, I offered to go to my coworker’s house to let out the dog. I thought it was the least I could do given the fact that I wasn’t the one who had to work late. The people I was with and myself entered the apartment and the first thing that we did was smell dog hair everywhere. It was so awful and bad. I really wanted to tell my friend how disgusting I thought it was but I figured I should keep it to myself. One thing that I did notice was the air vent cover from the furnace on the floor. It was half sticking out so I tried to fix it. I grabbed the air vent cover and pushed it down hard. There was too much dog hair in the air vent and the cover would not close because of it. The people I was with and myself had an absolute disaster. There was no way that I was going to be able to close it so I cleaned out all of the dog hair. Not only was it inside of the vent but it was also covering all of the entrance to the air vent making it very difficult for the system to properly Heat

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