There’s no way that my sister can live without A/C

My sister is quite possibly the most spoiled person alive.

I have typically said this about her from the time that the people I was with and I were little kids, plus truthfully, she hasn’t gotten any better since the people I was with and I have grown up! It’s like she thinks that the whole world should revolve around her for some reason.

It’s honestly discouraging. Anyway, a few months ago at the start of the Summer right about the time that the weather was heating up, my sister decided that she wanted to transfer out of our parents’ house. It’s mainly because she didn’t like the rules anymore plus she wanted to be out on her own where she could do whatever she wanted. Well, the problem was that my sister wants a lot of currency but she doesn’t want to work for it. She figured out pretty rapidly that the only site that she could afford wasn’t that great of an apartment. It turned out that the site didn’t have central air conditioner in it. As a matter of fact, it didn’t have any air conditioner in it at all! As soon as she told me about the A/C situation in this new site, I knew right then plus there that there was honestly no way that she was going to be able to stay in this new apartment. I just laughed about it to myself. She is so sure that she’s going to transfer out plus be just nice without any A/C in this site, but there is just no way that it is going to happen. She is way too spoiled plus used to having great indoor air pollen levels for that. I provide her a couple of months, tops!
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