They closed down the shop

My lady plus I love going to this Thai restaurant that is right around the corner from our apartment, and we’ve picked up take out from that place every Thursday night for the past 6 weeks.

They have the best food plus actually cheap prices.

The Thai Place offers delivery, but my lady plus I usually opening up food on our way beach house from the office so all of us don’t have to go out again or spend money a delivery service fee plus tip. The delivery service fee plus tip equals $10 or more. I don’t mind being frugal plus saving that money by picking up my own food. My lady plus I got off the train on Thursday plus headed right to the Thai restaurant. There was a immense sign on the front door that said the restaurant was closed for repairs. I knocked on the door plus the window. There were people inside. I got someone to come out to talk to me! One of the suppliers said that the restaurant was updating that heating plus cooling system. I was actually glad to hear that the heating plus a/c method was going to be updated, because that was 1 of the largest reasons why my lady plus I consistently got takeout. The indoor temperatures were consistently moderate plus uncomfortable, but both of us got take out instead so all of us could go back beach house where all of us would be much more comfortable. If the restaurant makes some changes to the indoor temperatures, maybe all of us would beginning going to the restaurant to kneel down plus eat dinner every once in a while.

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