They provided me a free cover for our air conditioner system

They provided me a free cover for our cooling system device when I bought our air conditioner system earlier this year. I know you could say that I am one of those people who consistently falls for a good marketing ploy. My hubby makes fun of me because if someone is giving something away with a purchase, then I’m the first one in line to have them take our currency. I am fully aware that most of the time, the promotional items that dealers give away aren’t the greatest quality. But once in a while, you get something that is definitely good! That’s what happened to us this past Spring when we bought a brand modern central air conditioner system from one of the local Heating plus Air Conditioning companies here in town. This particular corporation was advertising that they were giving away a free outdoor cover for any cooling system device that you bought there. I mean, a plastic cover for our exterior cooling system device isn’t all that important of a deal, however it easily ended up being a deciding factor for me as far as where to purchase the modern cooling system device that we wanted. There were a couple of locales here that had the same kind of device plus they were the same exact price. So of course, I went with the locale that said they were going to give me a free cover for the modern air conditioner unit! I mean, I know you could call me cheap or gullible, or whatever you want, however the fact is that I definitely adore to get something for nothing!


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