This lady is a wonder at being the consummate HVAC professional

When I think of my youth, I think about being inside the air conditioning and dreaming about what lay ahead in life.

I was just figuring out that I liked girls and was intrigued with all of that.

My father was a single parent so he was the main driving force in my life. He was awesome then and he is still awesome now. When it came to girls he used to tell me I know I was in love when it happened there was a feeling about it that he said I would understand. He also told me not to be surprised if I found the love of my life to be different from what I thought I wanted. He certainly was right. I ended up falling deeply in love with an HVAC professional. It’s so much fun to say that to people who don’t really know me. I love to see the reaction when I say I’m in love with my HVAC professional. Although it’s all true as my wife is the owner of a local HVAC company. My wife started as an HVAC technician long ago and then ended up starting her own business. It’s turned out to be the best heating and cooling company in town. She’s such a remarkable person. We actually met inside the HVAC company. I had just moved to town, bought a house and needed to replace the HVAC equipment. I made an appointment to meet with an HVAC contractor, so I was ready for the burly sounding guy I heard on the phone. Instead, this beautiful woman who was the consummate HVAC professional showed up and took care of my heating and cooling needs. The rest is history as we continue to enjoy a love affair that will last forever.


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