Want to make the switch to zone control

I’m eventually going to have HVAC zone control in my house.

Currently I live with central HVAC which means ductwork is in my ceiling and is a series of metal pathways that lead to each room of the house.

Each opening has a vent cover and that is what provides heating and air conditioning for the whole house. The benefits of a central system is that every room gets an equal share. It is a pretty basic system to get repairs and service on. You never need to worry about replacement parts. I hate it though. I hate dealing with dirty ductwork and icky vents. I also don’t like that the central HVAC unit takes up so much space in my closet. I have a giant hallway closet that only holds the indoor unit and the water heater. I can’t fit a broom, mop or even a bucket in here. It is a waste of space. Someday I am going to do a tankless water heater. Have you ever seen equipment with that type of model? It is so small! I also want ductless mini splits in each room of the house. They serve as the indoor air handlers and free up closet space. With having a unit in each room with a thermostat, I can have zone control. I want zone control because my husband loves AC so much. He constantly is cranking on the air conditioner and making me uncomfortable. I try to sneak in the heat whenever possible. With zone control we each can have our own spaces.

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