We are restoring an older home

We are working on restoring an older home and we are trying to figure out how to tie in the old heating and cooling system with the new one.

We would really like to try and keep the integrity of the older parts of the house intact if it’s possible.

We really love the way that the older house looks but we don’t like the way that the heating and cooling system works. The only heating system that was in the place when we first bought it was an old school wood burning stove. I’m not sure how people who lived all those years ago used to deal with not having modern heating and air conditioning systems in their homes. It must have been really hard back in the day before there were modern HVAC systems that you could count on to make the indoor air quality in your home nice and comfortable. Anyway, we are working on restoring this home and we want it to still look old even though we want the heating and cooling system to be modernized. I have talked to several different heating and cooling companies in the area and I have a few who are going to be coming out to the house to give us some estimates on the HVAC installation. I think that it’s gonna be a whole lot of work but when it’s finished it will be worth it. I think that older homes have so much more character than new cookie cutter homes do! I know we’re going to love it.


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