We bought a mini-split AC for the new playhouse for the kids

The AC business owner was having a sale on the ductless mini-splits

Expanding the house had always been part of our plans ever since we bought it. That was three years ago, and we even had plans drawn up for the expansion. However, it was taking longer than we thought. The pandemic hit our family hard as my hubby lost his job. We had to cut back on expenses and shelve the expansion plans. Still, the kids needed a play area since the house wasn’t big enough to contain their energy. Lucky for us, we have a big backyard, so we opted to purchase a ready-made shed to become their playroom. The space was adequate, but it required an air conditioning unit. We consulted the owner of the local AC business in our area about air conditioning for the shed. We had thought about extending the ductwork to the shed. This would make it easier for the shed to use the central AC in our home. But, the AC business owner gave us a much simpler and cheaper solution. She sold mini-split ACs that would suit such a small space. These units didn’t require any ductwork extension and worked well during all seasons. We were so happy to hear about mini-split ACs. The AC business owner was having a sale on the ductless mini-splits. That was our lucky day, and we were glad we went in to consult. We got one and managed to install it without incurring extra installation costs. The kids were so happy since they had a comfortable place to play no matter what time of the year it was.


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