We can finally have the heat pump changed

We managed to pull out all the money we had left in the market out so that we no longer watched it take a nosedive.

We’re going to wait and see if it keeps diving before re-investing because it seems to just keep getting worse.

We are sure it’s going to hit the bottom soon though and we can once again put our money in it and hopefully watch it come alive once more. We need to work on our heat pump instead of watching the market all of the time so that we have some heat in our beach house when wintertime comes. It stopped working during the last winter and we haven’t had the money to repair it since. But now that we’ve taken our money out we can finally get the heat pump changed out for a better one. We want to get something that is more efficient so we’re looking into a hydronic gas furnace or possibly even a geothermal heat pump. We must go down to the HVAC store that has them in stock and talk to someone in person to see which model gets us the most bang for our buck. We want to reduce our heating costs because they raised the rates last year and our heating expenditure went through the roof not long after. We try to wear more clothes in the beach house when it’s cold, however, our feet are still cold even with wool socks on. Maybe we need to get heated floors, but that is going to have to wait for the market to bounce back.



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