We hired an expert in SEO

One of the best and brightest forms of online advertising is search engine optimization.

  • It does not cost much to make sure that your website can be promoted and found online easily when potential customers search for the services that you provide.

I didn’t assume much about search engine optimization (or SEO) & I didn’t even have a working website for our small business. I went to a free marketing conference & I discovered a lot of new information about website advertising & online marketing. I decided it was an enjoyable idea to find a company that specializes in seo. I had corporation cards from several other people that also attended the conference… One of those people put me in touch with an SEO company rep that is primarily based online. I spoke directly to the owner of the company. The rep was legitimately sincere & honest, and he seemed to have a lot of personal expertise about Heating, Ventilation & A/C services. Heating, Ventilation & A/C Services is our line of work. HVAC might not be pretty or glamorous to everyone, however it’s our family corporation & it pays my bills. The SEO company owner spoke with me for a while about the company; Just 3 days later, I saw some of the first changes on the website. The marketing representative had set up the website so I could see all of the online traffic coming into the website. I could even track where the people were before they came there. I knew if they found me through a search or if they found our attachment on some other page. Having the advertising materials & access to that information has proven to be so great for our heating & AC repair services company.



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